What We Do

‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships’

Michael Jordan

Our core competences are comprised of three divisions. The hub is a collective of clients who offer a multitude of opportunities. We deliver our Rising Stars to these opportunities, whether they be apprenticeships, internships, permanent positions or freelance work. Our focus is predominantly on the creative industry but we are also well-equipped and at-the-ready to create opportunities in the finance and property sector.


LFA develops a tailor-made training plan for and with our Rising Stars to meet the needs of your individual talent. We research courses, training provider options and procure them on your behalf and offer consultations on additional training programmes. We are proud to work in partnership with ‘Core-plan’. Home to some of the industry’s foremost professionals, ‘Core-plan’ provides an accredited hybrid leadership-mentoring programme (LMP) that has been the starting-gate of numerous success stories.


We provide young people with the utensils to sow and reap the benefits of personal development by way of creative expression.

We organise and partner unique events that act as platforms to upon showcase artistic flair; giving life to talent. We work tirelessly to shine a light on existing talent; promoting education and enriching the lives of our Rising Stars through the power of entertainment.


If you are seeking a new challenge or craving opportunity and development, LFA Hub is a community of clients willing and able to help you meet your expectations.

We will supply you the opportunity to try something new, gain experience, develop skills, improve your career prospects, build confidence and meet new people. Depending on your needs, we even offer six-week programs that cater to you; from gaining the vocational experience you need to buff up your CV.