LFA+ is our exciting new offering created out of partnership with ‘David Weaver Consulting’ (DWC). With over two decades’ expertise in ‘headhunting, assessing and recruiting talent’ for senior positions, our joint venture with DWC provides an exciting and important dimension to our work. With a recruitment solution that has diversity as a core value, LFA is now able to extend our offer towards recruitment for senior and executive positions

DWC’s client base covers a broad range of sectors. They have worked with central government departments, renowned non for profit organisations such as Serpentine Galleries; and government bodies including Cafcass, Highway Agency and the Environmental Agency. Other clients include large commercial companies such as Shell, Jaguar and Morgan Stanley.

DWC led the development of one of the UK’s early major entrants into local government executive search and selection when the market ‘opened up’ in a significant way in the mid-1990s. Since then, they have led recruitment processes which have involved them ‘headhunting’ and designing/ delivering innovative assessment processes for the recruitment of numerous chief executives, senior managers and board member positions across a range of sectors.

LFA + also hosts a unique mentoring initiative ‘LFA Mentoring Initiative’ (LMI), which matches LFA’s entry level appointees with senior managers appointed via our +service. We place a high premium on mentoring and early results have demonstrated that there have been outstanding benefits for our clients, the mentors and not least, our entry level appointees.

The LFA + service demonstrates our commitment to directly addressing the holistic needs of our clients and is underpinned by our commitment and reputation for being Reliable, Ethical, Innovative and Effective.