We provide young people with the utensils to sow and reap the benefits of personal development by way of creative expression.


We organise and partner unique events that act as platforms to upon showcase artistic flair; giving life to talent. We work tirelessly to shine a light on existing talent; promoting education and enriching the lives of our Rising Stars through the power of entertainment.


LFA produces short films that supply working opportunities for young actors, producers and script-writers to encourage their ability and vision. LFA then pushes these productions through a wide-sweeping nexus. We also publish and distribute books authored by our founder written to advise young people on how to thrive in the entertainment and creative domain, avoiding the same mistakes as their predecessors.


The opportunities we provide for Rising Stars nurture their growth as artists and arts leaders; inspiring them to connect with, and take part in, the wider creative world through setting personal challenges in the art form of their choice. LFA provides the tools and framework that enables progress, leadership and communication skills.


We aim to push the boundaries by professionally applauding the innovative work that shows-and-tells the ‘stuff’ our Rising Stars dreams are made of.


“To be successful…, is to have talent, to perfect that talent and to have a great character to sustain it”

Harmony Samuels (Producer)