About Us

Unearthing Potential. Building Partnerships. Delivering Opportunity


‘If every talent is a seed, there exists great potential waiting to flourish. LFA is the earth from which seeds will bear fruit.’


When we meet an individual we recognise talent. More than that, we seek to develop skills and provide opportunities. At LFA, when we meet young people we do not merely see numbers, we see Rising Stars.

Our philosophy is centred upon actively investing in the next generation of Rising Stars. Instead of seeking to ‘wow’ and impress with empty promises and buzz words, we focus on working alongside our established clients to deliver trusted, comprehensive results. From concept to completion, we work to cultivate ability and success.

Everything we do is bespoke for our Rising Stars. Our combined efforts are the implementation of our core beliefs. We take responsibility for creating limitless future achievements and utilising our strengths and resources to develop energetic, productive citizens who will ultimately sustain our community by making positive contributions. Through our clients and strategic partners we deliver the highest quality training and gilt-edged opportunities to nurture Rising Stars. With our ever-growing data and knowledge base we secure competitive opportunities and pathways to success. Our vision is to be a trusted gateway that consistently delivers excellence and meets expectations.


‘If you’re young and talented, it’s like you have wings.’

Haruki Murakami

About Us

“Some years ago, interviewing young people and hearing their stories of both success and failure, I realised the large gap between young talent and their ability to access opportunities. I’m proud to say that LFA bridges that gap.”

Tolu Farinto.

Established in 2012, LFA is the brainchild of Tolu Farinto. Based in London and boasting a clientele list that comprises GroupM, RM&Co, ODF Clothing, VA Garments, Love Lounge, Rip The Runway UK, My Busks and ABN TV; LFA are fast becoming the go-to spot for refining skill in the entertainment and creative industry.


Due to our vision, dedication, clients, partners and extensive network, we have a proven record of success. Our endeavours have adeptly addressed social issues (including participation and up-skilling) within the wider community by participating in nationwide public sector bids.


The maxim that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is one that endures. At LFA we think of ourselves as the ‘who you know’ that gives power to the ‘what you know’.

“Tolu is a determined and enthusiastic individual like no one I have met before. He has acted as a professional compass for me throughout the initial stages of my career in creative media. He has an infectious determined attitude and has helped me to aim higher in my career through building my confidence; and has helped to implement his multitude of knowledge and experiences to help me. I have watched LFA grow from it’s initial inception to an effective and vivacious organisation, and with it, the wealth of contacts and opportunities available for young professionals is only growing.


I would strongly recommend for anyone looking for training & professional experiences to speak to Tolu – he has been the most helpful and positive influence in my professional journey to date.”

Marina Michelson.

“Toluwani Farinto will forever be the ‘pitch master’ because it takes a particular talent to be able to pitch a product or service without coming across as earnest or false. Toluwani has that ability.

He always represents his clients with great clarity and efficiency, and always takes the time to fully understand his market and customer.
He is exceptionally good at building customer confidence whilst simultaneously directing fledgling partners down pathways of disruptive opportunity.

The entertainment, media, creative and recruitment industries are notorious for their brash narcissistic characters with little in the way of ethics or moral credibility, Toluwani and his LFA associates bring credibility, professionalism and reliability to an industry that is often found wanting.”

Viv Ahmun.